19 September 2011

[New] Traditional Windfall Chutney (Marks & Spencer) [By @cinabar]

I bought this fine jar of chutney just to have at home, with no real intentions of reviewing it. When I tried the contents I immediately changed my mind and realised that some sort of write up would be necessary as the contents are so fabulous.
Windfall Chutney is so called as it contains the common fruits that could potentially fall from trees by the wind (eg apples and pears). Back in the day the fruit that landed on the ground as a victim of the wind might have been bruised, but because waste wasn’t an option it was used up for chutney.
I made some cheese on toast, and placed a small dollop of the chutney on the plate to accompany it. This chutney may not appeal to everyone, but it had something that was absolutely perfect for me – it was wonderfully sweet. The lovely rich tones of apple and pear were juicy and absolutely perfect with the cheese. There was a slightly sour aftertaste giving the pickle a bit of a tang, but ultimately its amazing fruity flavours just won me over. The chunks within the chutney are smooth and its light brown colour may not look that inspiring, but I assure the flavour packed within it is something else. I actually went back and got myself another huge spoonful as I seemed to have eaten up my portion just with half a slice of cheese on toast.
I think this may well be the nicest pickle I have ever eaten and as such I am going back for another jar (or two)! What can I say, if you have a sweet tooth and like chutney you really must try it. My cupboard will never be without this little jar of magic again!
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

My mum loved this chutney but unfortunately our branch in Weymouth has now stopped selling it!! so has Dorchester! Does anyone know where she can get some from please? Many thanks

cinabar said...

Its such a good chutney- but I can't find it in my local branch either now :-(

Gina said...
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