25 September 2011

Oreo Cakesters, Nabisco (from America) [by @NLi10]

As part of a package of snack-foods I received from the USA from a colleague returning from holiday I got this packet of two Oreo Cakesters. I do love the Oreo brand, as essentially it's just larger Bourbon biscuits with higher grade ingredients. Once the UK got over the fact that they were not the shape they were used to then the brand was easy enough to find over here in most places. This however is a bit different to the standard fare.

It's not like a Jaffa Cake which occupies the middle ground of snacks (although if you leave one out unprotected it becomes hard so it's a cake - biscuits go soft), this is a full on mini cake experience that is designed to look and feel like an Oreo. It's a bit of a branding exercise really I guess - convincing people who like Oreos to try these particular treats.

Overall I wasn't keen - the flavour is very artificial (like some American supermarket Cookies I tried but never reviewed) and almost has a hint of plastic to it. The creme filling was very artificial and soft and not as nice as the regular Oreo centre. The chocolate taste and the texture seemed designed to not become stale and wasn't focused on taste at all. Maybe this is fine-tuned to the American palate but I can't say I'd be that excited if these became a regular feature.

I missed the strong tastes and crunch of the real biscuits. I think it's great when a Brand I like is big enough to branch out into other areas, but I feel the quality control slipped on this one.
by @NLi10

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