27 October 2011

The Fabulous Bakin' Boys - Choc 'N Blood Orange Spooky Cupcakes [By @NLi10]

These cupcakes follow on from the Blackcurrant & Apple flavour reviewed last week and are part of the Halloween range of snacks that have sprung up. In a similar theme to the previous flavour & the Mr. Kipling slices these are very similar to existing normal ranges, with just a tweak to the flavour combinations. I must say though, overall the packaging has been great this year - with the extra spooky colours and the vivid dripping of bloods.

The orange topped Bakin' Boy is quite probably my favourite of theirs and in my head I expected this to be similar to a chocolate orange in taste. Instead the two flavours are quite separate and don’t seem to complement too well. I guess that the Orange could be slightly different to the regular orange, but they don't seem to have added a drop of red to the vat which would have been a nice touch so I'm presuming the flavour is the same as before. Eating both halves in isolation then seemed to be a good way to go.

I think that the problem is that both halves are trying to be the luxury half - both the orange and the choc are trying to win out. While this is in no way unpleasant (I’d happily munch through another box of these) I think that the simplicity of the separate creatures is nicer than the ersatz zombie creation that has presented itself here. While this is a great novelty Halloween flavour I don't think it'll be an all year thing.

I look forward patiently to the red & green cupcakes for Christmas (although would those have to taste of holly and maybe cinnamon?)!
By NLi10

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