20 October 2011

Mr. Kipling Demon Slices (Asda) [By @NLi10]

Halloween is a great time for snacks in the UK as the normally quite sedate ranges become tinged with fear and break out a whole new part of the culinary thesaurus. To this end I couldn't pass up the opportunity to purchase a product with Demon in the title that was also raspberry flavoured.

I think I grew up overdosing on the Mr. Kipling treats as both my Great-Grandparents and my Grandmother had a fixation on them. It's not that the cakes are bad, it's just that when you have the same thing over and over again it gets a bit samey. Although the little bramley apple pies are very bad in my opinion and consist of mostly sugary syrup and little white chunks of what could frankly be anything. Consequently I'd never think of going for their products ordinarily (except maybe the Viennese whirls although again other companies now do better).

With this though there was no hesitation and I picked these up in September and took them to the public games night we attend to share with my opponents. I took my horror themed deck (and I came 2nd!).

The colours of the slices are as vivid as on the box which was nice and in traditional Mr. Kipling style have exactly the same vital statistics as all their other cake slices. They were all nicely moist and the flavours were strong enough to be satisfying so there was certainly no regret in picking these up. The other players who did not suffer from my over familiarity with the brand seemed to adore both the styling and the flavours of these and I could have easily gotten through two or three of these boxes sharing with the group.

I think that while I'd maybe pick up another box of these due to the novelty factor I'm not sure I'd return to the Mr. Kipling fold quite yet. There are many other new and exciting cake snacks to find and while I do understand that familiarity is key to a lot of shoppers I think that I value surprise and the unknown just a little more.
By NLi10


Rodzilla said...

are those magic cards on the front?

NLi10 said...

Yeah - I took them to Friday Night Magic & shared them out.

You don't get any cards free with the packs, but as I was playing a fairly 'evil' deck I figured it added to the picture.