31 October 2011

Boo Dark Chocolate (Hotel Chocolat) [By @cinabar]

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Hope you all have a fun day, and are enjoying the costumes, chocolates and sweets. Thought I’d finish today with a final product from Hotel Chocolat, which are these fabulous Boo chocolates. The packaging is very well themed and even nicely sealed with a skull sticker on the back so you know something ghoulish hides within.
Inside the box is a good selection of themed shapes moulded in decadent dark chocolate. There are quite a few designs, and each one of them has loads of wonderful detail. I loved that the chocolate gravestone even said “Death By Chocolate” on the front, they really do add that extra bit of Halloween magic.
The flavour of the chocolate is lovely and dark, with sweet rich tones strong enough to satisfy any chocolate craving. They are firm chocolates, that feel satisfying when bitten, but melt easily to release there flavour. I think these would be lovely at the end of a seasonal dinner party served with coffee to finish a Halloween meal.
If you are posh enough to give these out to passing Trick or Treaters, then you will be pleased to hear that they are individually wrapped so would work well for this purpose. Personally I think they are a bit nice to share with strangers, but if you are planning to give them away – be warned the people you give them too will be back for more next year! :-)
By Cinabar

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Lot-O-Choc said...

Loved these from Hotel Chocolat too! Such good product!