1 November 2011

Copella Winter Warmer (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

As we pack away the Halloween gear, putting the plastic pumpkin in a box for another year, it seems we slip quite happily into Christmas season... okay it’s a bit early for me too, but surely a Winter drink is acceptable at this stage.
I love Copella apple juice, it is my favourite brand, as it is always so smooth, sweet and refreshing. It’s a bit too easy to drink, and bottles just seem to disappear from the Foodstuff Finds fridge. One of my other favourite things is cinnamon, so when I heard about Copella releasing a drink which combines these flavours I was just a little bit excited. This juice is actually labelled as being a Winter Warmer, and this doesn’t just refer to the warming spices but also on a new idea for the brand. This apple juice is designed to be heated before being drunk, so it makes an alternative hot drink. I poured some in a mug and zapped it in the microwave for 1 minute, but I guess you could pour it in a pan and cook it on the hob too if you were making more than one cup.
The juice was full of flavour, the expected sweet apple tones were present, but the rich wintery tastes of cinnamon and clove gave this drink a fabulous spiced flavour. Essentially it tasted like Christmas in a mug, and I loved every drop. I found having the drink warm enhanced it immeasurably and made it the perfect treat after work, especially now the nights are closing in.
Apple and cinnamon just work, and this drink really proves that. It’s perfectly well balanced, and I know I’ll be getting through a few bottles to help fend off any winter weather that might be on the way too.
By Cinabar


Paulham said...

I drank it cold and it reminded me of what I assume a Glade Winter spice candle/air freshener might taste of!

cinabar said...

LOL - You can't knock apple and cinnamon, they just rock ;-)

Paulham said...

Cinnamon! The spice of the Gods.
Here is my all time favourite choc bar: