21 November 2011

[New] Deo Perfume Candy (Alpi) [Edible Perfume] [By @Cinabar]

Sweets usually have one purpose, to offer a nice sweet flavour on the tongue. It sounds simple enough, and that usually is all their intention is. This new product was mentioned in Wired magazine as a new sweet that combines flavour with a beauty secret, it also perfumes you. The idea is that it is packed full of geraniol which is found in natural rose oil, and used in the perfume industry. Apparently the idea of sweets that scent the skin has already been done before in Japan, but this is its first outing in Europe. They aren’t available in Britain yet, but I’m sure it is on the companies agenda.
Alpi very kindly sent me a sample of their new product to try and test out. As it seemed something a bit different I couldn’t resist, it is a first for Foodstuff Finds – edible perfume. Worryingly the packaging didn’t contain much English (it’s available primarily in Bulgaria) I decided to just go for it and try a sweet.
My oh my these sweets taste rosy! Think Turkish Delight on steroids – these things are strong. They aren’t revolting by any means, but they have a much stronger floral flavour than anything I’ve tried before. After I finished the sweet, everything tasted floral for a while, the taste lingered on the palette. My breath was also rosy, which was nice but a bit weird as it is mint that is usually associated with fresh breath. I breathed on Spectre who likened it to Lavender – then told me to stop breathing on him...
Having had the sweet I wasn’t very aware of any fragrance magically emancipating through my skin, and it is a bit odd asking someone to smell you to check! I realise that I may have just got used to the fragrance, and therefore felt it wasn’t present when it was. There were however a couple of occasions in the afternoon (around two hours after sweet consumption) that I was conscious of a rose scent somewhere in the room which in retrospect must have been me. Towards the end of the experiment I gave up and asked Spectre to smell me, for research’s sake if nothing else. He told me I smelt nice, and that he thought I was wearing body spray, which I wasn’t. I had specifically not put any body spray or perfume on for the sake of the trial, consequently the sweets must have worked more than I gave them credit for.
The sweets do have a funny flavour, but they are actually quite nice in a weird sort of way. I have popped a few of these in my hand bag to work as breath fresheners, emergency sweets and fragrance. It is a bit of strange concept, but there is clearly something in it, and they would be ideal before something stressful like a presentation or interview when you are likely to sweat a little more than usual. As bizarre as the idea seems, I have to give it a thumbs up, but I wonder if it will catch on when released in the UK market – would you buy them?
Boys if you are still reading this, I’m afraid that due the floral nature of the scent it is more of a girl’s product at the minute. I suspect Alpi are working on an edition for the guys, and I’ll keep you posted if I hear about one!
By Cinabar


S.Emerald said...

A few years ago, one of my relatives went to France and she sent me strange lavender candies. They tasted like perfume. It's an acquired taste. They don't taste bad, it's a combination of flowers and perfume.

Anonymous said...

They are now available in the UK both at www.perfumecandyuk.com and amazon.co.uk seems they came online a month or so back.

cinabar said...

Wonder if they are going to bring out any other flavours?