5 November 2011

Wonka – Sour Nerds: Amped Apple and Lightning Lemon (American Soda @americansoda) [By @SpectreUK]

I haven’t had a different flavour of Nerds to try for a while, so I relished the concept of eating these Sour Nerds when Cinabar placed them in my Foodstuff draw deep in the Foodstufffind’s Dungeon. This box of Sour Nerds offers two sour flavours, which are; Amped Apple flavour and Lightning Lemon flavour. Made by Nestlé USA, there were 46.7g of Nerds in the box at a healthy sounding 60 calories. The Amped Apple flavour tasted initially like a zingy apple, then as I chewed on them there was a bite of sourness that made my face screw up into a small ball, before leaving a mild aftertaste of apple in my mouth. Like the apple flavour, the Lightning Lemon flavour tasted at first like a lemon, but became very sour indeed when chewing, leaving a sour lemon aftertaste. The sourer lemon flavour was complemented by the more subtle, yet still seriously sour apple flavour. There were some critically twisty faced moments when eating these sour Nerds. I ate them whilst at my desk at work, so the twisty looks on my face as well as the rattling of the Nerds as I greedily gulped them from the box, gained me some funny looks from my colleagues in the office. I just couldn’t share the Sour Nerds though, as they simply tasted too good!
By Spectre
Want you own? Sour Nerds are available from: American Soda

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