2 November 2011

FF: Fashion Food – Tom Klong flavour (Birmingham Indoor Market) [By @SpectreUK]

This soup was imported by Double Happiness Wholesale, which sounds like a dodgy tax evasive company owned by Ken Dodd, and run by a bunch of Diddy Men in Knotty Ash. The soup ingredients are 65g in weight, of which is 13g fat and the soup is 300Kcalories. It doesn’t sound hugely healthy, but I was hoping for a tasty spicy snack, and could always stagger around the block latter to work off the calories. Some of the ingredients listed on the back were chilli powder, shallot, citric acid, fish powder, soy protein, and onion leaf. Asides the ingredients and single instruction on the bottom of the recyclable plastic bowl stating that it was microwavable, all text on the plastic label was in Malaysian or Chinese or some other oriental language. I know that makes me sound very English, but let’s face it, if it’s in a different language; it’s in gobbledygook to me!

You’ll see from the second photograph that there was a plastic fork, a hard block of plain noodles, an orange sachet full of sauce, and a gold packet full of fish powder mixed with pieces of onion leaves and soy protein. Without instructions I decided to dump everything into the bowl and pour in boiling water. I tried to mix the concoction up with the plastic fork, but this bent double in a few seconds. On finding a more reliable stainless steel fork I found the mixture of noodles, sauce and powder took quite a while to merge together. Once the noodles became soft they soaked up much of the liquid and filled the bowl. There were bits of onion leaves and soy protein floating around in the orange coloured soup.

I sat down to watch John Wayne’s movie “Undefeated”, but had to turn the sound up after a while due to all my noisy slurping. I had to hold the soup up right to my mouth whilst eating for fear of having a bath in the wet orange noodle mix. Correct me if you think I’m wrong, but I didn’t think this movie was one of John Wayne’s best films. After the Civil War John took a bunch of his cavalry men to deliver 3000 horses to a Dictator in Mexico, but there were many tensions between John’s ex-Blue Coats and some ex-Confederates they met along the way, and I also found the end of the film was a little flat. Although John seemed defeated by the end of the movie, I remained undefeated by the bowl full of noodles and Tom Klong soup. I happily finished the whole plastic bowl off and would have gone for seconds. I found this soup very tasty with a good hot spice to it. There was a fair amount of peppery bits at the bottom of the bowl on finishing, even after all that mixing in, but on downing the rest of the soup I found this gave a final kick at the end of the meal. I would definitely buy this soup again, as I’m always on the lookout for a good hot and spicy noodle soup snack, but I’d pick a different western next time.
By Spectre

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Zara said...

I think you'll find that's Thai writing... there's no such language as 'Malaysian' although there is Malay but that is written in Latin script (i.e. the same script as English).

Also, 'Double happiness' is, in Chinese, a word often associated with weddings and Chinese New Year.