17 November 2011

Pitch - 6 Chocolate Filled Brioche - Pasquier (Co-op) [By NLi10]

Sometimes I deliberately buy things to review, and other times I just enjoy something a little more than I expect so write about that instead. These were mini bread rolls with chocolate inside them (or Brioche) and I thought they'd be quite nice to eat as a snack at work. We had some part-baked rolls for lunch on Sunday and I snuck one of these in afterwards expecting it to burn or go horribly wrong, but it was crisp on the outside and runny on the inside which worked out really well.

The rest of the pack were munched at work, sometimes in twos - sometimes solo. I was surprised that the quality was quite good, they aren't French patisserie quality but they are much more edible than I'd expected. They are more of a bread than a pastry but I think this is so that they travel better and are still as nice a few days on. I'd pick up more of these as an evening snack at work and as they are individually wrapped they can wait as long as needed and still be squishy enough.

The Tintin sticker wasn't amazing. I got Captain Haddock.
By NLi10

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