25 November 2011

Levi’s Caribbean Chilli Beef Grove Cut Crisps (Waitrose) [By @cinabar]

I have heard a few people mentioning these crisps so was really keen to track them down and give them a try. I think it is impossible not to have seen some of the Levi branding somewhere, from the sauce itself, to Subways sandwiches, they have their own drink and even a Ginster’s pasty. To say Levi Roots has made it has never been so true. Consequently I felt it was about time I took some time out to have a look at one of their products, and the crisps looked like a good place to start.
I do like spicy crisps, and was pleased to see that these were labelled as being ‘hot’ top right on the bag. I opened the pack, inhaled and picked up on warm spices and a meaty edge. The crisps felt quite substantial, and had a lovely thick crunch. The texture was particularly good, and made them feel filling but still moreish, a bit like McCoys. The flavour wasn’t as expected though, although there was plenty of depth to the spices, from nutmeg through to cinnamon, it provided little heat. I enjoyed the slight lime tinge that came as an aftertaste, and the complexity of the flavours was clever and impressive, but the missing burn was a bit of a shame. The meatiness was also more akin to chicken than beef, as it lacked the richness, and the herbs and spices all seemed to point towards more of a white meat flavour.
The overall taste worked well, I know the above sounds a little negative but the crisps were really rather nice. Those expecting a chilli kick will be disappointed as these barely register as mild to me, but that aside I’d still buy them again as the texture and flavour still worked impressively well.
By Cinabar

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S.Emerald said...

I'd love to give these a try!