22 November 2011

Christmas Jaffa Cakes (Marks & Spencer) [By @Cinabar]

M&S has a fab array of Christmas goodies appearing on the shelves, and I wandered around the bright red Christmas isle with an air of wonder on my face, not quite knowing what to buy. It seemed a little early for some of the goodies (eg Christmas cakes and puddings) but I thought one little box of Jaffa cakes couldn’t hurt, and I wanted to take some of the Christmas spirit home.
These Jaffa cakes are referred to as a Christmas edition due to the seasonal cranberry contained within the jelly layer, but there is still some citrus goodness mixed in to keep to the Jaffa name. I pulled out the tray from within the box and was rather impressed by the dark nature of the chocolate on the biscuits.
The biscuits are quite thin, but look smart and would be perfect with an after dinner coffee. The sponge layer is chocolaty, but the main chocolate flavour comes from the lovely dark coating which is full of sweet cocoa taste. The jelly layer is quite surprising as it is rather zingy in nature, and combines a sharp cranberry taste with a shot of sharp citrus. The jelly complements the chocolate base really well and the two flavours balance each other out. The texture is all quite soft, with sponge, jelly and a thin layer of chocolate this makes them rather easy eating I’m afraid.
These biscuits (cakes?) may not appeal to the younger market as the flavours are quite mature, and there isn’t that burst of sweetness you might expect. I loved the grown up flavours, and have to say the box disappeared embarrassingly quickly, which is always a good sign. ;-)
By Cinabar


Lot-O-Choc said...

Ooh i love it when M&S start getting all their new christmas stuff in; does there look anything else yummy?

cinabar said...

I didn't buy anything else, as it still feels a bit early in my head - might give in this this weekend and see what else I can find! I'll report back.