9 November 2011

Gina – Calamansi Juice Drink (Pinoy Foods, Indoor Market Birmingham) [By @SpectreUK]

Try to picture the scene (or rather I’d recommend you don’t try to picture the scene); I was sweaty and out of breath after a brief but disciplined workout with my weights (15 minutes tops, but hey, at least I had a go). I was in dire need of some refreshment. All I could find was this 250ml can of Calamansi Juice. “What in all creation is this?” I thought to myself as I opened the can. My usual information source (Wikipedia) told me that Calamansi is a citrus type fruit tree that originated in China and has spread throughout Southeast Asia, India, Hawaii, West Indies, Central and North America. This Calamansi Juice drink was canned in the Philippines. Calamansi is an orange coloured fruit that resembles a small, round lime, and can grow up to four and a half centimeters in size. Calamansi has several medicinal uses such as treating acne and insect bites; it is used in cough remedies and is also an anti-inflammatory. The can contained 12% Calamansi juice, as well as water and sugar. The juice tastes a little like lime juice, but not as bitter though, having a sweetness that was probably the added sugar. The juice had a lovely taste, and was very refreshing after my workout. I just wished it was a bigger can; a 1litre carton would have been a better size for it.
By Spectre

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Now available in Tesco!