12 November 2011

Kettle Chips – Jalapeno Chilli [Hot] Flavour Crisps (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

I must admit that the red coloured packet didn’t faze me for a second when I picked these up at the local supermarket. I just didn’t think these crisps would be that hot. I always find myself complaining about manufacturers going easy on the consumer where chilli flavoured foodstuffs are concerned. Before opening I took stock of the ingredients, which included; jalapenos, green peppers, parsley, and lemon juice. I opened the bag and had a sudden apprehension from the crisp’s spicy smell. I tempted fate by having a joke with Cinabar about weak chilli flavoured crisps and took a gamble shoving a baby’s fist sized portion of crisps in my mouth. I instantly regretted the fateful quip feeling a burning sensation hit my tongue making me cough from surprise. My nose hairs actually tingled and shriveled from the heat. A few more mouthfuls produced a lava sensation down my throat, and a volcanic feeling in my belly. A few more mouthfuls and I could feel sweat dripping from my top lip, and my nose couldn’t help but run. I couldn’t complain about manufacturers going easy this time as this Kettle Chips flavour is a 150g packet of pure fire. At first I couldn’t taste the ingredients through the flames, but after a while I got used to the heat and reveled in the spicy chilli and pepper flavours, with a hint of parsley and lemon aftertaste. The fire catches the back of the throat sometimes to remind you that these crisps do exactly what the print on the packet says; “hot”. However, if you’re worried about the sheer chilli heat of these crisps, I’d like to put your mind at rest, as fortunately I didn’t notice any heat out of the “other” end!
By Spectre

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