6 November 2011

Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize (Asda)[By @NLi10]

Being fond of cereals it's my favourite part of a supermarket to spot The New. Weetabix is an odd one, there isn't much you can do to it before it ceases to be Weetabix and devalues the brand. This doesn't make for exciting reviews, but it does make for consistently good products. This is a crunchier version of the mini Weetabix choc and easy enough to do when you are in a rush that I'll restock on this one. What is much more exciting is the box.

Like the previous cereal I reviewed the honey monster spooky puffs this has a box that is designed to excite the young and the young at heart. This gladdens me as I remember the good old days where cereal contained toys. I also remember the Weetabix kids fondly, these were actual biscuits in track suits who had such memorable character that we had a huge graffiti mural of one by ours school hat I loved. If cereals were to return to these days I for one would not complain.

This box is covered with puzzles and jokes and things to read over breakfast. All of which are surprisingly well done.

They even took the time to decorate the insides! While this lacks the character of the old days and honey monster it's actually a great way to promote the public idea of sending kids out to school with a decent breakfast. Even if it is one packed with sugar...
By @NLi10


Lot-O-Choc said...

Aw i love Weetabix warmed!! You have to try it its amazing! The perfect winter breakfast!

NLi10 said...

Now the weather is cold I may try this - think I'm on my third box of these now!