4 November 2011

Cadbury Olympic Mascots [WH smiths] [@SpotsvStripes] (By @Cinabar)

Bassets bought out Jelly Mascots to celebrate the London Olympics’ back in July and I think we can expect to see more and more products on a similar theme on the market over the coming months.
This is the chocolate version of the Olympic Mascots, this time made by Cadbury. There are two different options available, firstly a mini pack with both characters inside. They are neatly moulded, showing off the two mascots. The centre of the chocolate is not solid, but bubbly like a Wispa bar. If you happen to bite one of the character’s heads off, you can see the bubbles. It taste rather like a Wispa bar too, sweet and milky with soothing cocoa tones.

The lollipops are also made of the usual Cadbury chocolate again moulded into larger versions of the mascots. This time the chocolate is solid, and not bubbly giving them a bit more of a hold on the lollipop stick. The chocolate seems quite thick to melt in the mouth, and again I ended up biting pieces out of the characters. I’m not usually brutal, but I was a little inpatient for my chocolate fix! I was having a bit of trouble telling the two characters apart when they were out of the wrappers. Mandeville is usually shown from a side angle showing off his slicked back ‘hair’ when they both face forward they do look a lot more similar.
I think these products will sell really well as the Games approach, particularly the Mandeville lollipop as it has a Beefeater design on the wrapper – which is going to be very popular with the tourists. You can’t go wrong with Cadbury’s chocolate, so these should prove popular and do make a tasty treat too.
By Cinabar

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Lot-O-Choc said...

I bet theres gonna be a ton more olympic themed products to come! I must say though I dont the olympic mascots are anything special..they could have chosen something far more cuter!