8 November 2011

Dominos Pizza Gourmet Special (@Dominos_UK) [By @Cinabar]

I am a big fan of Dominos pizza, and we quite often treat ourselves here at Foodstuff Finds, particularly on the Two for Tuesday deal. They have recently increased the pizza menu and added a new selection of goodies labelled under their new Gourmet range. These gourmet pizzas have thin bases and contain extra special ingredients. Thankfully they aren’t priced any higher than regular pizzas but do offer some new options. I was also pleased to see that as well as the pizza there was also a new Gourmet Garlic Bread, which we also added to our order. Here is what we tried out:

This one was the one that appealed most to Spectre. It contains a good mix of meat and spice, two things which Spectre loves as a pizza topping. On top of the pizza there is both salami and pepperoni to add the meat feast section and also some Peruvian Roquito Peppers to mix it up a bit. Although the pizza wasn’t as hot as some of the pizzas he chooses, he did say that he felt that it had a good level of spice, and there was a nice heat in the mouth. I agreed, this pizza was plenty hot enough for me, and all the meaty flavours came though wonderfully with a slight moreish salty edge.

The Florentine is a vegetarian option pizza topped with spinach, plum tomatoes and feta. It really does feel like having an authentic Mediterranean pizza and looks rather posh, and it is unusual to find spinach on a Dominos pizza!. The tastes worked well together, and they were delicate but flavoursome. The tomato added some sweetness, the feta was both salty and creamy and the spinach gave a nice leafy taste to balance it out. I liked the fact that you could taste all the individual ingredients and that each bite of pizza tasted different from the last. It had a good fresh feel to it, and although I do usually go for a pizza with some meat content this totally satisfied me.

This was the prettiest looking pizza of the selection, with a good mix of colours and flavours from both veg and meat. The ingredients are chicken, bacon, baby spinach and baby plum tomatoes. The tomatoes were sweet, but a little dark in places adding a nice caramelised taste. I loved the meatiness of the chicken and bacon with its slight saltiness. The fact that it still had the fresh flavour from the spinach mixed in with all the other ingredients easily made this one my favourite. It’s a very moreish pizza with a nice selection of ingredients, and gave a proper gourmet experience.

Gourmet Garlic Bread
Sitting in the Sides section is the new garlic bread from Dominos. I quite liked the Garlic Pizza Bread, but I’d be lying if I said I got excited about the stuff. It was always decent, but nothing extra special. Well I can tell you that the new Gourmet Garlic Bread is out of this world. It is fairly big, and has a nice thin crust topped with lovely cheese, and loads of garlic flavour. The garlic bread had a firm base, but it isn’t the sort of bread that goes hard if you leave it to cool it stays lovely and soft. It’s just ticks all the boxes and will become an essential part of any of my orders from now, pure heaven!
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

All these Pizzas look spectacular! I don't know whether or not it's the copious amounts of grease (OR moisture, I could be wrong!), giving the Pizza's a buffer-sleek shine OR just the lighting used in the picture, but these photos are mouth-watering! I'm a big fan of Domino's myself, but a Garlic Bread pizza? say it ain't so?

I have nothing but aspirations towards trying a Pizza of this magnitude, and I have been let down in the past (most notably recalling a certain Frozen Pizza on the market that tried the whole Garlic Bread Pizza bit, but just didn't execute the right ingredients in this posters opinion) but I'm sure Domino's got it in the bag. They haven't wronged me yet!

Good review!

Good review

cinabar said...

I'm not about to claim that pizza is healthy - but I do think my camera flash may have made these look more greasy than they were. ;-)

Let me know what you think of the garlic pizza bread if you give it a try.