3 November 2011

Lucozade Sport Lite Cherry (UK Supermarkets & Newsagents) [By @NLi10]

Over the past few months I've reviewed a couple of the recent Lucozade products that I've never really gotten around to in Cherry Lucozade (left in photo) and Lite Summer Berries (right) . Ian Lucozade himself offered to send me a few of their latest product to try so I happily agreed. As it turns out it sits perfectly in the middle of the other two products being that it's both Cherry and Lite.

While I initially didn't really fully comprehend the idea of a sports drink with low calories I understand that lots of people use exercise as a way to reduce weight and sugary drinks really don't help that. This is primarily for hydration and has a lot of science on the bottle which uses genuine vitamin and mineral names, and doesn't stray into the shampoo-sciences of calling things poly-hydrate-you or run-faster-ol. This helps its cause in my eyes as essentially it's replacing all the bits you lose through doing exercise except for the calories and it's not trying to lie about it.

It's full of those artificial sweetener style things, but I didn't really detect any of the feint aftertastes that I got from the berry varieties. Instead it's a smoother (non-fizzy) and less sweet version of the Cherry LKZ that I tried before - and for that it's quite possibly nicer. For once I think I'd rather have the diet version than the real thing! I'm excluding Pepsi Max in this - Mepsi is a fantastic 'diet' drink if not just for the mind altering properties of the artificial things that replace the sugar but despite the similarity in name is a different class of sugar water to regular Pepsi.

So in the photo-podium of the Lucozade reviews this is in First Place. I'll definitely buy this when I'm thirsty as a genuine choice for something a little more interesting than water. Oddly you can't buy the sport varieties in big bottles - probably because you can't fit them in your Gym bag (and they are more expensive than the regular Lucozade so it might look overpriced) - but drinking these at work and out and about has been a pleasure.
By NLi10

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