29 November 2011

Taste The Difference Smoky BBQ Crisps (Sainsbury's) [By @Cinabar]

This new Limited Edition variety from Sainsbury’s may not feel very seasonal, but crisps always go down well during the festivities as nibbles whatever the variety. Once I had opened the bag, I was impressed to see the colour of the crisps, as they were coated in a wonderful paprika shade of orange and red dusting. They were far darker than expected and had a rich aroma too. The bag smelt smoky and appealing with a wonderful undercurrent of warming spices, so we poured some into a bowl for sharing.
They had a good heat, which I hadn't been expecting, in fact they are far hotter than a lot of ‘hot’ crisps I’ve tried, but were still sitting pleasantly around a medium. There is most definitely a good dose of chilli in the ingredients, as my mouth developed a lovely warmth the more I ate and my tongue had a spiced chilli tingle. Other than that the taste was predominantly smoky, think inhaling next to a log fire (but in a good way)! There was a good depth to the taste with a rich tomato, paprika and more traditional barbecue flavours also still present and very much noticeable. With chilli, smoke and all the other ingredients it would be an understatement to say these are packed with flavour! Thankfully the complexity all works, and makes them wonderfully moreish.
The texture of the crisps is good too, as they are firm, quite thick and this gives a decent crunch when you bite in, making them feel rather satisfying. These are the perfect crisps for a night in, and hopefully the warmth within them will help banish away some of the winter cold. Yum!
By Cinabar

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