20 November 2011

Kent & Fraser - Spicy Ginger Crunchy Cookies [By Nli10]

I got these biscuits as a present a while back and as they were nearing their 'review before date' I decided they should be opened. I'd held off on them as I'm not a massive fan or ginger as it seems to make things too spicy for me. I was surprised to find that the biscuits were wrapped in twos and much more shareable than anticipated. The taste was quite mild too, with more of a focus on the buttery side and with only a hint of ginger. This was still more than I'd personally add but it was a pleasant enough experience and I was happy to carry on munching. The most notable feature of the eating was the crunch part, this was almost like a snap instead of a crumble. This is all the more surprising considering these are actually gluten free! If it was not on the box then most people wouldn't be able to tell so this is another of those products that just defies the notion that products suitable for special diets have to be substandard. I think that this flavour wasn't ideal for me but that I'd chomp on other flavours if seen. Perfect gift for any gluten reducers stockings though if you have any to buy for.
By Nli10

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