19 November 2011

EDO Pack - Kumamoto Flavour Noodles (indoor Market Birmingham) [By SpectreUK]

I never know what to expect from pot noodle type products bought from import shops, as the description of the flavour is generally in some foreign language or other. I know, I know… that makes me sound very English, but I am very English. For example, I constantly complain about the weather. If it’s sunny, it’s too hot and I wish it would rain. If it’s raining, I wish it would be sunny, and don’t mention snow, because the country grinds to a halt.

On opening the pot I found a mass of fine cut noodles and a sachet inside. Adding freshly boiled water and the packet of dried seasoning, I stirred and noticed the concoction mixed well together. The noodles quickly soaked up most of the liquid. I left the pot to cool for a short while before eating. On tasting I found that Kumamoto has a good authentic oriental flavour. There were bits of chives floating amongst the web of noodles. The soup had a fishy taste to it that went well with the turkey salad sandwich on my plate giving me some much needed surf and turf action. I watched “How The West Was Won”, with John Wayne (who was in it for about two minutes), Henry Fonda and Gregory Peck, whilst I ate my lunch time feast. Personally I found the film dragged on a bit too long with no real direction. The soup’s ingredients included; fish (I have no idea what type, as the pot label just said “fish”… I guess I’d have been more worried if it had just said “meat”), soya beans and soya sauce, and these ingredients really stood out in the taste. I really savoured this import pot noodle for its genuine oriental soup taste. It wasn’t spicy, sour or hot, yet never promised to be either. Having said that, asides “fish”, I literally have no idea what taste the label promised. This pot noodle could have been Kamikaze Super Hot Chilli Seafood Flavour for all I know!
By Spectre


  1. Hi
    What do you think the description on the package says it is chicken soup flavor base, using local chicken.Besides in wrong Kanji.

    Kumamoto is the name of prefecture in south.

  2. Just wanted to say that I've read every single post on here now. You've introduced me to the wonders of Cybercandy where I immediately ordered Pocky! I also bought some Pretz and found they were so moreish I ate the whole pack in one go...

  3. can one not do the packaging photo and cooked photo? like u do with those chocolate marshmellow things in yesterdays post?...
    im always interested in the before and after cooking progress to see if it matches the box art.

  4. Jisoo - thanks for the translation.

    Willow92 - Glad you like the site, we update daily so there is always something new to read ;-) Pocky rock, we are big fans here!

    Oscar - we are trying to include more post packaging pics, I like comparing items to their box shot too :-)


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