28 November 2011

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Variety Pack (American Soda @americansoda) [By @Cinabar]

I find it very hard to find a decent instant hot chocolate. I’ve had quite a few nice ones that mix with hot milk, but the majority of instants leave me disappointed as they seem to just lack flavour. One thing is for sure though, Americans rave about Swiss Miss, so I was rather keen to try it.
Swiss Miss can actually be made using hot milk or hot water, but I wanted to know how they shape up with the kettle method. One thing I noticed was that on the sachets it mentions the high amounts of calcium in the packs, which is a good sign as it implies a decent amount of (dried) milk content.
I had the variety pack in front of me, and decided to start with the milk chocolate as a base flavour to see what the fuss was about. I poured the fine powder into a mug and poured on the recommended amount of hot water. I’m pleased to say that it passed the first test, and mixed up really easily. I hate fighting hot chocolate powder trying to convince it to dissolve, and I’m pleased to say this just blended quickly and easily with the water with just a simple quick stir.
The chocolate drink smelt sweet and pleasant so I took my first sip and was pleasantly surprised. The flavour was sweet, had a lovely chocolate edge but mostly had a wonderful creamy aftertaste. It was such a good flavour, it really is one of the best instants I’ve ever drunk. It was soothing, chocolaty and notably didn’t taste like it was made with water! I’m not sure how it did it, but it was amazingly satisfying for an instant.
Later I tried the marshmallow version which was almost identical to the milk chocolate, but with some small marshmallows in the pack. Sadly the marshmallows were inside the hot chocolate sachet and not separate, so they sort of dissolved as the hot water was added and didn’t last long. The rich version was the last one I tried and is the dark chocolate variety. The flavour of this drink was a little less sweet, with a richer cocoa taste, but still had the fab creamy taste that made the other Swiss Miss so good.
I find myself totally agreeing with the Americans who rave about this product, their instant hot chocolate is notably better that the British instant hot chocolates I have tried. Swiss Miss tastes like it has been made with milk, and is one superb drink, I absolutely loved the stuff!
By Cinabar
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