29 October 2011

Worcester Sorcerer Ale (Sainsbury’s) [By @SpectreUK]

It is the time of year where vampires, ghouls, ghosts, werewolves, witches and wizards own the night. What better than to enjoy the evening’s scare fest than a bottle of mythical sounding ale? I opened this bottle of Worcester Sorcerer one dark stormy night (well, it was pretty cold, I guess, and there had been some rain earlier that day). This ale is brewed by Sadler’s Ales in the Black Country, near my home town of Stourbridge.

There was a citrus, almost floral smell on opening the bottle. At 4.3% volume, the ale is golden, nearly amber in colour. Worcester Sorcerer has a smooth sweet malt initial taste, then a flavoursome citrus bitter bite to complete each mouthful. The Maris Otter malted barley shines through on the tongue to start with, finishing with the bitterness of pure English hops. This is really lovely ale from my neck of the woods. I will definitely hunt this ale out again, and I promise not to wear my tall crooked pointy hat and sparkly star covered black cape next time.

The label recommends to drink Worcester Sorcerer with a barbecue marinade (hah! we should be so lucky to have a barbecue with the English weather this year), or with bread or beer baked ham. I drank this ale straight without the bamboozlement (a good old Black Country word) of food to taint my taste buds. Instead I searched high and low through You Tube on the TiVo box to find the English rock band Rainbow’s “Stargazer” and irritated Cinabar to near Undeath by playing it through several times whilst drinking it. I’m sure some blood did trickle out of her ears before I’d finished the bottle…
By Spectre

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