3 October 2011

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Honeycomb Crunch (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

I know the weather might well be having a hot spell, but the shops have converted to winter clothes and Christmas ranges in the food shops. I spotted an unthinkable number of mince pies in the supermarket, and in the Christmas isle (there really is a Christmas isle already) this new Chocolate Orange has appeared. Next to it sat the popping candy version from previous years, but I couldn’t see the Smasher from last year.
This new version of the Terry’s Chocolate Orange has pieces of ‘Honeycomb Crunch’ hidden within its chocolate. The Honeycomb Crunch refers to cinder toffee pieces (like the centre of a Crunchie bar) broken up within the orange.
I unwrapped the orange, tapped it (i.e. whacked it) and unwrapped, as per tradition. Once unwrapped the chocolate orange segments fell open revealing the chocolate wedges. The chocolate smelt strongly of orange, and as a whole didn’t look noticeably different to the regular milk chocolate version of the product. The taste was also the usual citrus hit, with loads of sweet orange flavour, and mellow sweet milk chocolate tones. The addition of the ‘honeycomb’ gave the chocolate a noticeable crunch, but sadly not that much flavour. There was a hint of the sweet honey taste from the cinder toffee, but the orange was so strong that you really had to look for it. To be honest I like the orange taste, it is the whole point of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, so I’m not sure what else you can do with the addition of the cinder toffee to make it any stronger, except add more bits and that would be overly crunchy! It’s not an easy one to balance, but the texture is good and the extra sweetness is just a little mild.
I liked the chocolate, it delivered a nice hit of orange and crunch but it’s just not that different from other varieties currently available. My current favourite Chocolate Orange still has to be the Volcanic Popping Candy edition which really has the fun factor, and I’m very pleased to see it back.
By Cinabar

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