6 November 2012

Cardamom Chai – Tea India [By @Cinabar]

I have a bit of a thing for spicy teas, so whenTea India got in touched and asked if I wanted to try their Cardamom Chai tea I really couldn’t resist. I was impressed by the design on the box, its elegantly put together, a simple design, but it looks very smart. I opened up the box, and the tea smelt beautiful. Inside each bag is a mix of both black tea and cardamom, and the recommendation to add sugar and milk to taste.
I went for one teaspoon of sugar, and splash of milk which I think really helped develop the flavour. That little bit of sweetness from the sugar set off the cardamom perfectly, and turns this into a sweet spicy drink. The cardamom is aromatic in its taste, and has tones of an almost citrus nature. It works well with the black tea base, making a soothing, warming drink perfect for when the cold nights draw in.
Although I drink a fair bit of Chai, it was really nice to try the Cardamom variety as it let you focus on the one spice. Although I usually have milk in my tea, I can see that this would be fab served hot with a spoonful of sugar and a slice of orange as it would emphasise the citrus taste.
This makes a lovely change from regular Chai, and is clearly a versatile tea. Definitely one I’ll be keeping in the cupboard as it is a perfect winter drink.
By cinabar

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