8 November 2012

Fentimans Botanically Brewed Tonic Water - Ocado (by @NLi10)

Fentimans Botanically Brewed Tonic Water - Ocado (by @NLi10)

I really like Fentimans, I really like Tonic Water, I really struggled to find this - despite knowing about it for probably a year or so now, but finally Ocado got it in (I may have tweeted them a couple of times to pester...).

It wasn't what I'd expected.  One of our local pubs has Fever Tree tonic water which is very strong and must have lots of quinine to produce the flavours.  This is something I enjoyed a lot and prefer to drink over the more generic tonic waters (although the Schweppes one is still decent enough).  I expected the Fentimans one to be similarly potent.

While the flavour is 'large' it isn't a massive kick to the senses like Fever Tree and is really quite deep.  The quinine is much less noticeable and the flavour is as natural tasting and authentic as the rest of the range.  I think that this would work very well with the expensive gins that have a more interesting flavour and may have to try it out on a connoisseur.

While I will buy this again I think that it won't preclude me from picking up the more explosive tonics too - I think I'd chew on the bark quinine is made from given the chance - and thus the difficulty in acquiring this without online shopping may not be so bad.


Christine said...

Thanks this was helpful. As I don't do on line shopping I won't be rushing out to buy it.

bob said...

I probably will be rushing to my go-to e tailer for this as I love tonic water with or without gin.
Fentimans Cola is about the only one of its' species that I'll drink straight without some help from added booze or fruit juice. (Red Bull Cola is the other...)

NLi10 said...

I'd rather have a tonic water than a cola - asking for two in a pint glass in pubs generates funny looks!

I'm not really keen on the Britvic one, but love the rest.

bob said...

Could be a new trend. 'Tonic in a nonic'. (Or a very quick way to finish a four pack! :-D )