22 November 2012

Cadbury Dairy Milk Snack (Australia!) [by @NLi10]

Cadbury Dairy Milk Snack (Australia!) [by @NLi10]

Occasionally I get a snack related present that is so nice that I struggle to justify eating it.  It gets squirrelled away and kept for when the bit of my brain that most likes that kind of thing is activated.  I think I got this for a Christmas, or maybe a birthday.  Eitherway I took it to work, hid it from the circling vultures and waited.

One cold evening this week I decided that I actually fancied chocolate and had a few cubes.  In fact I had all 6 flavours!

When you rip the little box open and expose the choc inside you find that there are pretty patterns on the cubes that identify the flavours.  They are Coconut Ice, Turkish Delight, Strawberry, Caramel, Orange & Pineapple!

I'm sure that a few of these are part of the Cadbury/Fry range, but these are a bit unusual.  It's like having a soft centred selection from Cadbury's Roses as a whole chocolate bar! It's absolutely amazing for sharing too and generates a lot of conversation.  The middles are quite gooey, but vary in texture with the Ice at the top being the most solid and the Pineapple at the bottom being the gooiest.

The Coconut ice is a disappointing Bounty, not as sweet and not as textured.  Nice enough.

The Turkish Delight was nice - I find the big bars overpowering but bravely tried this and quite liked it.

The strawberry was a bit solid, but tasted right and was eddible.

The Caramel was like a Cadbury's Caramel in miniature and I enjoyed this more than the big bars which again I find sickly.

The Orange was similar to the Strawberry in that it was firmer than I'd expected (maybe I should have got around to eating the bar faster!) but was generally nice too.

The Pineapple was gooey, and flavoursome and probably the most novel experience to be had here.  Again I think a full bar would be sickening, but as a bit size chunk I adored it.

If this was a UK release I'd happily grab them as Christmas presents.  It has novelty, variety and requires a good amount of discussion to figure out who wants what.  If you live in Australia (where this bar is from) then maybe you know whether this was a special edition or a regular thing.  Hope we get a UK version!


Edit: Ha - CyberCandy UK still have these in stock.  May have to pop in...


Grocery Gems said...

What an interesting idea. The little designs on top of each chocolate piece with the different flavours inside just look awesome!

Linz said...

Reviews on this blog are always wayyy to positive! Very rarely do you say that something is rubbish! Normally I just let it slide but Cadbury Snack is so bad, I just can't let it go. It tastes like cheap chocolate filled with sugar paste, hardly any flavour. Really disappointing - I'm just glad I bought some in Australia when I was over there and didn't pay to have it sent over! I feel bad for anyone who does.

Now, Cadbury Marvellous Creations on the other hand... ooft! :D

JunkFoodJournal said...

I love the pineapple, Cadbury just released a pineapple only block in australia for summer, I'm sure I''ll get through a few blocks!

NLi10 said...

Ha - I'm usually the most negative out of all of us but I actually did enjoy this one quite a lot!

Maybe I'm just too selective and don't choose to write about the ones that are too nasty? Have to make sure I'm more balanced!

I wasn't that focused on the Australian version of Dairy Milk that the bar is made of, but I did enjoy the centres. :)