30 November 2012

Lindt Advent Calendar 2012 [By @cinabar]

May I be the first to point out that advent calendars are not just for kids! For me they mark the beginning of Christmas, I for one grew up with an advent calendar and I’m not willing to give up the tradition now I’m a bit older. I still have my sweet tooth and my love of Christmas. Thankfully though there are a number of companies that have created some beautiful calendars which fit perfectly for a more grown up audience. This fine advent calendar is from Lindt and forms part of their Christmas chocolate range.
It is a lovely looking calendar, with its smart Christmas scene. I love how they’ve used the traditional Lindt characters to recreate the image of Father Christmas and his reindeer; it’s such a sweet idea! This imagery also hints at what is hidden behind each window. Contained within them are traditional favourites in a miniature form, from the milk chocolate reindeer, milk chocolate blocks to even the famous Lindt Lindor truffle balls, albeit a little bit smaller. It’s fair to say the chocolates are just a bit special. There is also a large milk chocolate Father Christmas set aside for the special day! Every day brings a good quality luxury little chocolate treat, and combats the myth that you can’t have quality in an advent calendar. This is guaranteed to make you smile every morning.
Advent calendar done, next job is putting up the Christmas tree! So tell me I’m not the only adult with an advent calendar? Which one have you got for the big countdown?
By Cinabar


Lot-O-Choc said...

advent calendars are certainly not just for children! i have mine..mines a Mr Man one haha! theres something about advent calendars that just really makes me want cheap cute chocolate!

NLi10 said...

I'd love to see a Lidl/Aldi version of this! :D