12 November 2012

Yorkie Limited Edition Honeycomb (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

I might be a bit late to the party with this bar, but I couldn’t resist blogging about it because I’ve been searching for it for so long! It’s one of those items I heard about and have been trying to track down for ages. We don’t actually have a Tesco very near us so I wonder if it’s a Tesco exclusive and that is what was hindering my search.
To be fair I don’t eat much Yorkie chocolate, in fact I haven’t eaten a bar since they introduced their "not for girls" campaign. I don’t honestly understand how in today’s society they can get away with such a strange slogan. If it said that it is not for a specific ethnicity minority, religion or sexuality it would have been banned, but apparently sexist chocolate is fine. Grrr. Anyway I’m pleased to say there is no trace of that silly slogan on this particular Yorkie.
This limited edition bar has five chunks of the usual rich Yorkie chocolate with small pieces of crunchie honeycomb packed in it. Curiously there weren’t as many of the honeycomb bits as I was expecting, they only added a slight bit of a crunch to the overall texture. However their added sweetness was unmistakable thoughout, and the golden sugary flavour added a nice extra dimension to the bar. It did feel special and like a treat. I think it went a good way to reminding me that I did actually used to quite like Yorkies. I just hope that they go down this route more often, more lovely new flavours and less of the irritating "not for girls" campaign and they'll see me back as a customer.
By Cinabar

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