17 November 2012

Maltesers Frothy Chocolate Flavour Milk [By @SpectreUK]

I’ve always loved Maltesers since I was a kid and tried to poach them from the box when they were shared out on special occasions like Christmas or Birthdays. This Maltesers Frothy Chocolate Flavour Milk was produced by Mars, in Ireland. It was served in a 215ml bottle; there were 166 calories per 100ml, with 1.6g of fat and 10.2g of sugar. This Maltesers chocolate milk drink was school friendly, which meant that it met government standards for England and Wales with 90% milk and no more than 5% of added sugar. Its ingredients included semi skimmed milk, wheat malt extract, sugar, barley malt extract, and cocoa powder amongst other things. The drink contained milk (obviously!) and gluten, and was suitable for vegetarians. The print on the label exclaimed “Shake me!” which produced a frothy creamy Maltesers flavour that definitely put the “malt” in Maltesers. I found this Maltesers Frothy Chocolate Flavour Milk very tasty indeed and refreshing after a hot bath before bed, and would certainly have it again.
By Spectre

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Anonymous said...

Do you mean 166 calories/250ml? Hopefully it wouldn't meet government standards otherwise! Sounds yummy either way though.