10 November 2012

Kit Kat Ball (France) [By @cinabar]

My dad has been on a recent trip to France, and brought back these Kit Kat Balls for me, thanks dad. :-) At first I was totally convinced that these must just be the French version of Kit Kat Pop Chocs, but when I looked closely I realised that they were in fact a slightly different iteration. Although my French is a little rusty, I spotted that they were balls of Kit Kat wafer coated in Kit Kat milk chocolate. They writing on the front of the bag loosely translates to ‘happy crunching’, so clearly has a heavier wafer base.
When I bit the first one in half, and you can see this on the photo, I became aware that there was a white layer under the chocolate but before the wafer. It doesn’t appear on the picture on the packaging, and I’m not entirely sure what it is. It certainly tasted okay, but did strike me as being a little weird.
The flavour is surprisingly close to Kit Kat, and these were very easy to munch on. There was plenty of milk chocolate, similar to that on a Kit Kat and the wafer added that nice biscuit flavour to the taste. The texture was rather different to what I was expecting as these have a strong crunch, but the wafer biscuit inside soon melts away, leaving you wanting another. If you do manage to find these, and I’m afraid I haven’t seen any in the import shops yet, they are well worth picking up. They are a crunchier munchier version of Kit Kat Pop Chocs.
By Cinabar


Kevs Snack Reviews said...

I'm not impressed with Pop Choc at all, these sound much better! Are you sure the white stuff isn't white chocolate?

paulham said...

I had these when in France 7 years ago.

I raved about them at the time but was never able to find them again.

Well done!

bob said...

Would be great for the times when a Malteser isn't quite enough.
Why hasn't Nestle branched out a little further with these???

Unknown said...

if you find them please post

Unknown said...

i got them in italy last month and i can't find a place that ships them except for a site called Asian Grocer and they are out of stock :(

cinabar said...

Amazon (UK) stock them if that helps?