3 November 2012

Guinness Crisps (Burt’s Potato Chips @BurtsChips) [By @SpectreUK]

These Guinness Crisps were produced by Burt’s Potato Chips in Devon. The 150g bag of almost black crisps in colour, consisted of all natural flavours, was gluten free, with no artificial colours, no MSG or hydrogenated fats, but was not suitable for vegans, containing milk and barley. Per 100g, these crisps had 514 calories, with 28.8g of fat and 0.2g of sugar. The crisps were “hand cooked” (with very hot hands... okay, okay... so I’ve done that joke a few times before... shish!), and then flavoured with roasted barley and hops.

So what should I drink to wash down these Guinness Crisps? More Guinness of course! The crisps have an initial creamy barley and hoppy taste with a gentle refreshing sweetness to them. Once I’d tasted one it was impossible to stop shovelling more crisps into my mouth. Unfortunately it was also impossible to stop prying fingers from stealing the crisps from my bowl each time I took a swig of Guinness. These crisps are simply one of the best flavours of crisps I have ever tasted. They don’t taste exactly like Guinness, as the other tasters (Cinabar and her mom) probably wouldn’t have been so enthralled with them (tut... sigh!), but their creaminess, their roasted barley and hoppiness shone through, and also the filling feeling I usually get from a good stout, which was probably good as I know I would have started on the second bag if the full feeling hadn’t of kicked in! So don’t be put off if you don’t like stout or beer, as although reminiscent, these crisps don’t taste exactly like Guinness, but they certainly raise the bar in scrumptiousness to a whole higher level of flavoured snack all on their own. I’m sure you’ll find once you’ve tasted one, you will go back for more and more.
By Spectre

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Sandy's witterings said...

Well found -They sound great. I'll be out hunting for these as soon as I get onshore in a couple of weeks - don't eat them all please.