7 November 2012

New Kettle Tortilla Chips – Cool Sour Cream [By @cinabar]

I am a big fan of Kettle Chips and their hand-cooked crisps, but they have recently branched out and have some new Tortilla Chips on the market. They are four new flavours in total; Nacho Cheese, Sweet Chilli Salsa, Sea Salted and these Cool Sour Cream ones.
I decided to open my bag as an accompaniment to a chilli con carne night, and served them with a guacamole dip. I liked the idea of a milder flavour with a chilli as it helps to soothe the taste buds from the spices.
The tortillas were the usual triangle in shape and had a good golden colour to them. The flavour was very wholesome, and the base taste shone through delivering a tasty corn flavour. The crunch was spot on, and they felt fairly light which made them quite moreish. The sour cream taste added a cool clean flavour to them, but there was also a nice hint of herbs and garlic which gave them depth. Combined with the dip they went perfectly with our chilli dinner, breaking up the hot taste and helping our mouths to cool down a little.
I have a bag of the Sweet Chilli Salsa variety lined up for snacking on during a film night, and really looking forward to giving them a try. If these are anything to go by, they are going to be a delight to eat!
By Cinabar

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