13 November 2012

Stone's Ginger Joe (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

This alcoholic ginger beer from Stones was 4% volume. Stones have had their roots in ginger since the mid seventeen hundreds and were first established in London. This 330ml bottle of ginger beer was inspired by “Ginger” Joe Stone who was a moustacheod London greengrocer that was fanatical about the taste of ginger and was the originator of Stones. Apparently his first try at producing ginger beer literally singed his ginger moustache, hence the flaming ginger moustache image on the bottle.

There was a brawny smell of ginger on opening the bottle, which transcended with a hardened bitter edge of ginger to the overall taste of the beverage with indeterminate gumption. There was certainly a fire in this drink that would have easily melted the ice that I had been advised to add on the label. It almost set my Movember moustache ablaze. I drank this ginger beer straight on a cold night, without the aid of wussy ice, and was heartily glad of the spiced fire in my mouth, down my throat and in my belly by the end of it! No hot water bottle for me that night, I can tell you. Huzzah!
By Spectre

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