14 November 2012

Gingerbread Cookies White Chocolate – Fusion Bar (@ArtisanChocolat @Selfridges) [By @cinabar]

I found this seasonal looking bar lying within the Artisan du Chocolat section of Selfridges. If you’ve not been, its really worth a wander as they always have some amazing treats on display. Although it isn’t quite Christmassy the flavouring in this bar is certainly seasonal for this time of year. The bar has a white chocolate base mixed with gingerbread cookie crumbs. The packet is decorated with gingerbread figures across the front and has a lovely bit of history about gingerbread on the back.
I opened up the pack and found a slightly darker than expected bar of white chocolate. There was clearly a lot of other ingredients mixed in giving the chocolate a nice looking golden colour. When I pealed back the inner packaging there wasn’t much aroma, which I found quite surprising, but it turns out this is quite a mild bar. Even after eating a cube, it definitely took a few seconds for any of the spicy flavour to shine through. When it did, the made its presence known by delivering a rich hint of cinnamon and good aftertaste of ginger. It worked really well with the white chocolate, the sweet creamy tones and the warming spices were a match made in heaven. I was rather pleased that this bar didn’t have a spice overload, and that the flavours were more equally teamed with the white chocolate.
What I mustn’t forget to mention is the texture. The bar has a white chocolate base, so is naturally softer than other chocolates, but this one still holds its own on the firmness. The gingerbread cookie crumbs are very small and well mixed in. There are so many of them they give the bar an amazing texture, you can feel them and they add the sensation of a tiny bit of crunch. The particles are small though, so this isn’t the same a crunch from a big biscuit piece, its subtle and I loved it.
The more I ate this bar the more it reminded me of a Caramac bar, it’s like it is the spiced version they never made. Its sweet, soothing and has plenty of gingerbread spices throughout without being overpowering. The texture is hard to describe, but spot on. I picked up this bar by chance, and to be honest I now can’t recommend it enough! I am a self confessed cinnamon fan with a sweet tooth though. ;-)
By Cinabar

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