2 November 2012

Cinnamon Doughnut (Greggs @GreggstheBakers) [By @cinabar]

After the rather lovely Halloween doughnut from Greggs I have been keeping my eye out to see what other varieties are available. Today I found a cinnamon version sitting on the shelf, and excitedly made a purchase. I am of the belief that cinnamon is one of the greatest spices available. I love its warmth, gentle heat and the way the taste works so well with sugar. You could say it was the taste of Christmas / Winter and it does work well in the colder weather, but it seems a shame to go without it during the rest of the year!

This new doughnut has a light brown icing covering its top, and the sweet smell of cinnamon is clear the second you approach it. The flavour is well balanced; it is sweet and spicy, but warm and not hot. The sugary nature of the icing complements the cinnamon perfectly, and the overall taste is nearer to hot cross buns than it is to a full on hot cinnamon hit. I don’t for example like some of the super hot cinnamon sweets you can buy, for me that’s not what cinnamon is really about.

At the centre of the doughnut lays a crème filling. It’s a pale brown in colour and is light and fluffy in texture. It certainly looks like it has been whipped as it sort of melts and feels really light in the mouth. Again it is delicately spiced with my favourite seasoning, which is countered by a sweet hit too. It complemented the sponge and icing flavour too and added just a little more spice to the overall taste.

This is a wow doughnut. I know I might be a little biased with my love of the flavour, but for me this was the dream doughnut. Even if you just fancy a bit of cinnamon spice to warm you up in the winter weather, give this doughnut a try as it is a proper hidden gem.

By cinabar

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paulham said...

I thought the innards tasted a little like cream cheese as I detected a hint of sourness.

You need to visit/stay in the US as they have totally embraced the cinnamon flavour and there is so much choice.

And wickedly hot cinnamon candies! ;)