26 November 2012

Dairy Milk – Marvellous Creations: Jelly, Popping Candy and Beanies (@CyberCandyLTD) [By @Cinabar]

This amazing new bar caught my eye in Cybercandy, and is a new Australian creation. I wish I could tell you that it would be hitting UK shelves shortly but sadly this bar is only available down under at the minute.
This bar is trying to pack something a bit special into Dairy Milk, as mixed within the chocolate are colourful candy coated chocolate beans, jelly sweets and my favourite popping candy. I loved the look of the pieces too, they are nicely shaped and each has a different pretty moulding on the top. When you break off the first chunk you can soon see what lays inside with strawberry jellies and coloured candy shell pocking through, you can’t help but smile. I have discovered through writing this blog that one of the things I love is diverse texture, so as you can imagine this bar is perfect for me! There are crunchy bits, chewy bits and a tingling serving of popping candy to set it all off! The chocolate flavour was just like British Dairy Milk, creamy sweet and rather soothing, and all the extras just made it a little sweeter and I loved it.
The mix in textures, the popping candy and the fruit jellies just made this bar so enjoyable. It felt special, and took me back to my childhood. It’s such a fun bar, and its one I'm going to stock up on. If you are looking for some stocking fillers for Christmas, this bar would be the perfect treat too. Any recipients will be desperate to know where you got such a crazy bar of Dairy Milk!
By Cinabar


Grocery Gems said...

This is such a fun looking chocolate!

Hannah The Review Addict said...

This bar is insane! I wish we got things like this in the UK, they must think we are all so boring here!

krnries said...

Just to say I picked this bar up in Morrisons on Saturday, so it has made it to Britain!

We all loved it, and it certainly added interest to our (indoor) picnic :)