21 November 2012

Peeps- Caramel Chicks (USA via @CyberCandyLTD) [By @cinabar]

These cute looking Peeps are American in origin and are a brand of sweet that are incredibly popular over there, particularly at Easter. I have to confess though these are my first ever try at Peeps, and obviously I picked up the pack that said ‘new’ on them. I got these from that Aladdin’s cave of sweets known at CyberCandy in Birmingham. It’s one of my favourite places on the planet, full of import goodness. I also picked up a more Christmassy box of Peeps to try and to write about in a couple of week’s time. ;-)
Peeps are effectively shaped and sometimes flavoured marshmallows, sold in presentation boxes, they range from chocolate coated raspberry hearts at Valentines through to Peppermint flavour stars at Christmas.
When I picked up this pack I did actually think these were Thanksgiving turkeys, as the pack looked seasonal with the snowflakes, so I thought I could coincide this post with American Thanksgiving. As it happens I think ‘chicks’ might just be there staple shape, so now I’m not so sure! Either way I decided to tuck in.
The marshmallows are light brown in colour to reflect their caramel flavour (and to make them look even more turkey like). They have a light dusting of sugar on the surface, and the base and eyes are milk chocolate.
The marshmallow is soft and squishy and wonderfully butterscotch flavoured throughout. The caramel taste was definitely richer than expected and did remind me of butterscotch Angel Delight – which is full of brown sugary goodness. The milk chocolate base and features just add a nice bit of choccy taste and do make these look very presentable as a gift. I now can’t wait to try the Christmas edition’s I picked up, and am totally hooked on Peeps. I just don’t think we have a UK equivalent? In Britain marshmallows seem to come in very unimaginative shapes compared to these, but if you know otherwise do let me know.
And to finish up – we just wanted to wish all my American readers Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays! :-)
By Cinabar

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