11 November 2012

McVities Breakfast Porridge Oats with Red Berries (by @NLi10)

Just when I got used to breakfast biscuits they change the game - porridge biscuits!

While I know that porridge is made from oats, and nice biscuits are also made from oats (and oatcakes are made from oats) this still seems an odd choice of tactic.  Surely the heat of the porridge is a bigger deal than it's oats?

We see here the mysterious flavour of Red Berries - for when you want to sneak some other fruit in that is not raspberries.  I wonder when 'Fruits of the forest' went out of fashion - I'll bet it translates really awkwardly.

Again these are overpriced compared to normal biscuits, but with a slightly better quality of ingredient leading to my rusk comparisons previously.  I'm fine with this - most mornings I don't need these (and indeed had them for a month without touching a single pack) so they are a bonus energy boost and not a daily requirement for me.  Eating a whole pack feels like a portion, but is really like eating 8 regular biscuits guilt free.

Upon eating these don't really taste like porridge, but are a different flavour to the wheat ones.  Also the berries are not low quality and add a little pop to the bits where they appear in a bite.  The pattern is large enough to feel when eating, like all good sport/malted milk biscuits (which is fundamentally what breakfast biscuits are).  They snap with a satisfying sound and don't crumble too much so you could eat these on the go and over a keyboard with no problems.

Again - I don't think these replace cereal, but do slot in nicely to the elevenses slot.  I don't have a favorite variety or flavour of these yet either, and I've now tried and reviewed all the main brands.  I can get excited about biscuits easily, but nothing about any of them so far has caused me to become loyal to any of them.  I think that I will continue to go with the new & the cheap and refrain from reviewing more until I find one that Wows me.

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