2 May 2013

Ben & Jerry's Core Range - Blonde Brownie and Peanut Butter Me Up [by @NLi10]

Today we continue our dash through the Ben & Jerry's Core range (2013 Editions!) with two more varieties.

First up we have the Blondie Brownies.  This has a salted caramel core, with two colours of ice-cream with the brownies (or blondies) hidden inside the ice-cream as little chunks.  I wasn't over impressed with this.  It seemed a little ordinary, and as I'm not a massive caramel fan (but love brownies) I mostly ate around the edges and not the centre.

We still have the other half a tub of this to finish so maybe I'll get more enthused as summer approaches.  I guess I just like the fruiter cores!

Not sure what happened with the picture - I took two and must have deleted the good one!

Next we have Peanut Butter Me Up - which is essentially peanut butter and Jam (jelly if you are from the USA), and has mini peanut butter cups hiding in it!

While Ms NLi10 was busy digging out the salted caramel from the last one I was happy to be eating the peanut butter and fruity jam and hunting for the most intact choc bits for pictures.  I did like this one, but not as much as the Berry White variety (I'd even pay cinema prices for that one!).  The peanut butter had an odd aftertaste to it that I wasn't expecting, and almost tasted 'wrong' in this context.  As we'd been trying lots of flavours on the same day I put it down to a bad combo and figured we'd have to just have one tub at a time in future.

There are no bad flavours in the core range, but I think it's jus that some variations excited me more than others.  If I found one of these in the freezer then it would get eaten. It's as simple as that (but the fruitier ones would get eaten first!)


Lactose Free UK said...

I've always liked the look of these, shame I can't have them.... :-(

cinabar said...

Are there any decent equivalents?

Lactose Free UK said...

Sadly none that I've found!

Started making my own Ice Cream with tofu. Had some major flops but got one right, it turned out good :-)

cinabar said...

Im surprised there isnt a big company making it, but pleased you've found a recipe the works. :-)