30 May 2013

Kellog's All Bran Chocolate / Red Berry Crunch [by @NLi10]

Hooray - it's exciting breakfast cereal time! And what do we have today? Oh - All-Bran.

But wait - what is this - NEW All-Bran contains Chocolate or Red Berries!  Also the crunch implies that more like Bran flakes this won't turn into a mush if you take slightly too long to eat it.

First up we have the Red Berry Crunch.  This has an almost strawberry yogurt flavour to it, and the texture is much more solid and - well - crunchy.  It clusters together in lumps and has a much sweeter flavour than I was expecting.  The fruit is also quite nice - it's not a Dorset level of luxury but these are real fruit chunks and save you mixing something into traditional All-Bran.

The Chocolate Crunch really is quite different.  It's more of a chocolate milkshake thing and is actually quite a fun cereal.  If it wasn't for the All-Bran thing you could slap a cartoon on it and sell it to the kids! Again it's got a nice texture and sits in clusters and has little chocolate chips floating around that are genuinely chocolatey.

I'm not convinced that this would have the same health benefits as regular All-Bran (pun intended) but it certainly has a lot more flavour and excitement.  It only seemed to last for a few bowls - I think I may have had double portions by mistake.  This would make it quite expensive.  As a cereal topper maybe this would work long term, but it's not something I'd buy weekly.  A nice occasional weekend treat (when it shows up on special offer).

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krnries said...

I tried the Red berry one, and it struck me as being quite sweet as well.

I was also going to say that Kelloggs are giving 7,300 boxes of this one away on Facebook, but the giveaway finished 26 May - doh!