6 May 2013

Honey Monster Stix Marshmallow Vanilla (Tesco @HoneyMonsterUK) [By @cinabar]

I was busy compiling an online order with Tesco and was searching for Honey Monster / Sugar Puff cereals and these caught my eye. I couldn’t quite work out if there were biscuits or cereal bars, but added them to the basket anyway as they were both new and on offer, my favourite combination! When they arrived I realised they were cereal bars and then feared that Stix mean that they were going to be tiny and thin. Although they are smaller than a lot of other cereal bars, they are by no means too small and they felt like they were a nice lunch box treat size to me.
The bars looked quite pretty; they were full of Honey Monster sugar puff cereals and were smartly decorated with pink and white marshmallow bits on top too. It looks like there is a coating of white chocolate on the base, but it is in fact a healthier vanilla yoghurt flavour layer. The bars are lovely and sweet, and did feel like a proper treat to eat. The texture is pleasant, the cereals give it depth and it is a little bit sticky too, but in a good way. I know the bars are smaller than some cereals bars, but not so much and they come in at just 60 calories which is impressively low.
Although they contain breakfast cereals, I had one in my lunch box but saved for an afternoon treat. It gave me a pleasant sugar fix, it felt naughtier than it was and was so low in calories there was no guilt either. They hit the spot perfectly.
By Cinabar

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