10 May 2013

Walkers: Baked Hoops And Crosses – Roast Beef (@walkers_crisps Sainsburys) [By @cinabar]

After trying the Prawn Cocktail version of these new Hoops And Crosses crisps from Walkers, I couldn’t wait to try the Roast Beef variety. The crisps all come in the shapes of noughts and crosses, and do look quite appealing, especially when poured out into a bowl. The magic of these new crisps is that they are actually quite healthy, but still remain ever so tasty.
The roast beef flavour is very rich and meaty, and definitely reminded me of the flavour of Monster Munch. The taste is quite strong, and these little crisps really are full of flavour. The texture is a nice balance between crunchy and fluffy as they sort of melt in the mouth, which makes them rather moreish.
I had these at work and a couple of work colleagues tried them too and were impressed with the flavour. One of them even asked if our work shop stocked them, sadly they don’t as of yet, but it was a good sign. I think the Roast Beef had the edge on the Prawn Cocktail version, but Spectre thought the opposite. Either way, the new Hoops And Crosses are a big success, and the fact that they are lower in fat is an aside, as they still stand up to the competition.
By Cinabar

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