1 May 2013

Blue Moon (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

This Blue Moon wheat beer was produced by the Blue Moon Brewing Company, In Toronto, Canada. The brewery was established in 1995 in Denver, Colorado. 5.4% volume and served in a 355ml bottle, this unfiltered wheat beer was brewed and spiced in the traditional Belgian way. The wheat beer was brewed with oats and spiced with orange and coriander, which reminds me of the Orange and Coriander beer from M&S I love to drink in the summertime when eating a decent sized salmon steak. The label suggested drinking it with an orange slice as garnish, but as I didn’t have any to hand, or unfortunately salmon steaks, I decided to enjoy this beer on its own. There was a mix of barley, wheat and yeast in the initial smell, overshadowed by a strong spicy orange and coriander aroma. On drinking there was a wheat and barley flavour to start with that was arrogantly brushed aside with a brutish hoppy bitterness, which smoothed out to the meatiness from the oats and a strong spicy orange taste with hints of coriander. There was a heavy orange and oats aftertaste. I thought this was a very tasty wheat beer and look forward to picking up some bottles in the future to drink with fishy meals. Roll on the summer!
By Spectre


Crieff said...

I agree, it is a nice beer.
Mila Kunis also said it was her favourite beer on that Chris Stark Radio 1 interview, which is a good enough recommendation for me!!

jeremai said...

I first tried this on the Coors factory tour in Colorado and am glad it has become more readily available here in the UK. Definitely recommend the slice of orange... perfect on a sunny day!

cinabar said...

If only the sunshine was a bit more common over here too! Will try it with a slice of orange though - sounds tasty :-)