10 May 2013

Win A Giant Slice And Share Snickers Bar!!!


When I saw this epic sized ‘Slice and Share’ Snickers Bar I couldn’t resist picking it up and offering it up as a competition prize. I've never seen anything like it before, it’s such a huge bar of chocolate, it is totally stunning. The bar is far too big to be eaten in one sitting; even the greedy would want to pace themselves over a few days! It is however designed to be sliced and shared, and would be perfect for a treat between friends watching a film or on a special occasion.
Given the size (and weight) this prize is only open to UK readers – purely on the grounds that the postage would cost too much to send overseas (sorry folks).

In order to enter all you have to do is LIKE our Facebook page or join our mailing list (there is a link on the right where you can enter your email address). Then email us: admin@foodstufffinds.co.uk with “Comp” in the subject line, let us know your name as per Facebook or if your email address is registered on our mailing list and answer the question below:

Email: admin@foodstufffinds.co.uk
Subject Line: Comp

Question: Of all the products reviewed at Foodstuff Finds which other one would you like to see in giant format?
Include the name you used to like our Facebook page or use the email address you used to subscribe to our mailing list (link on the right).

• One winner will be chosen at random
• UK residents only
• Entrants must include the name of a product reviewed on Foodstuff Finds that they would like to see in giant format, any item will do there are no wrong answers.
• Entrants must have liked our Facebook page or have joined our email mailing list (link on the right).
• Competition closes 31st May 2013 at 10pm
• If we can’t get in touch with the winner in a reasonable amount of time to obtain an address another winner will be selected.
• If you have any questions about this competition, please send me an email or leave a comment below.


loulabel said...

Where did you find it?! I could try to eat it by myself but probably would be very sick!

cinabar said...

I bought it from Selfridges... please don't ask the cost :-o