12 May 2013

Pipers Crisps & Zest Pesto [by @NLi10]

We recently visited local shop One Earth in Birmingham  and raided their snackables.  The last few things we picked up are here below.

First up are these by Pipers Crisp Co with the flavour Anglesey Sea Salt.  I hadn't seen these before but the Pub we were in yesterday (in the historical city of Lichfield) much to my surprise they had them behind the bar.  These are like a thinner Kettle Chip with the similar sparse ingredients list and basic flavour.

I had to double check the front part way through eating as my brain is so accustomed to having posh crisps in blue packs having vinegar too.  These have the strong saltiness that you'd expect but also a warmth to the potato which is very tasty.  I think I'd appreciate a large bag of these!  And if they are in pubs and cafes that I like then I will probably slowly trek through the flavours.

I chatted about Pesto recently, in it's super convenient squeezy form  which we finished eventually, but it was surprising amount of effort to get that last little bit out of the squeezer and we had to open them up and use a knife.  Here we are at the other end of the scale.

This looks great as it's another one of those 'free from' brands that basically gives you the rawest form of the product without all the artificial stuff.  Here the oil is almost completely absorbed into the pesto and it's more of a rough-textured paste than I've ever experienced before.  It's also gorgeous.  As pictured I popped it on a freshly baked baguette with a few sun-dried tomatoes and had an amazing lunch.  This is a little bit luxury and possibly harder to locate than the typical varieties, but if this is available I think it maybe worth it.

I can't wait to try this with salads and mixed into a few different kinds of pasta.  There is not much to say about it, but it's one of my most favourite savoury things I've reviewed in a long time.

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