22 May 2013

Fish & Chips Crisps (Marks & Spencer) [By @SpectreUK]

The Great British summer screams the sunshine soaked seaside sitting on a beach somewhere with a bag of fish and chips. On the front of the bag of these Fish and Chips flavoured crisps from Marks & Spencer was a jolly scene of a cheerful couple sitting on a bench on the vast beach of Blackpool whilst fending off some hungry Seagulls. Served in a 150g bag these crisps had 510 calories per 100g, 1.7g of sugar and 29g of fat. The ingredients contained no artificial colours or flavourings, were suitable for vegetarians and included potatoes (funny chips without them), sunflower oil, fish and chips flavour seasoning (ah... ze secret ingredient!), dried barley, malt vinegar, yeast extract, sugar, dried onions, salt, and citric acid, amongst other things. There was a salty fishy smell on opening the bag that instantly reminded me of being at the seaside, or the Black Country Museum depending on where you are in the country. The salt and vinegar flavour hit me straight away making me easily imagine gorging on the chips first whilst waiting for the battered fish to cool. Anyone who dives into a battered fish first in a fish and chip meal is asking for a burnt tongue. The salt and vinegar was followed by a fishy taste as I munched on the crisps. I couldn’t help but savour the salty, vinegary fishy flavour of these crisps. There was sweetness to the aftertaste with a hint of onion and lemon to the fishy taste. These crisps had a lovely summer flavour to them, being very moreish, I would definitely have them again. I didn’t feel the need to dip these crisps into any sauce as I ate them, but I’d recommend a mayonnaise or even tartar sauce if you must. The salty seafood flavour lasted for ages after I’d eaten them making me wish I was at the seaside and making me wish even more that I had another bag of these Fish and Chips Crisps to munch on there.
By Spectre

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