27 May 2013

Oreo Ice Cream Cones (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

Having had a very successful taste test of the new Oreo Ice Cream available in tubs, there was no way I was going to be able to resist their new ice cream cones. Packaged inside the bright blue box are four cones, all wrapped in the usual blue Oreo paper.
I was quite excited to see that the wafer of each cone was actually made with a super dark cocoa, and looked like the colour of Oreo biscuits. Then there was also a decent helping of vanilla ice cream (packed with Oreo bits) topped by crumbled soft Oreo biscuits, they looked fabulous!
Firstly I picked off the pieces of Oreo crumble from the top of the ice cream. Each piece tasted like Oreo biscuit, but was a much softer affair, almost cake like in texture. They were a very good start to the cone! Next up I went for the more traditional part, the ice cream and found it to be the same wonderfully creamy substance that I sampled in the tub. It was super creamy and the soft Oreo bits added a little bit of richness to the mix. The wafer was wonderfully dark, it was lined with dark chocolate too which was a nice contrast with the creamy ice cream filling. I loved that the ice cream went all the way down the cone, as did the chocolate lining in the wafer. In fact the chocolate lining accumulated in the bottom of the wafer, so that my final bite was a lovely chocolate hit.
Every bite of this was delicious and even Spectre, who is not a big Oreo fan, thoroughly enjoyed his which is always a good sign. These are definitely going to be a repeat purchase!!
By Cinabar


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Black Cones? Count me in!

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