7 May 2013

McVities Digestives CheeseCake Creams Biscuits (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

The new summer edition of biscuits from McVities is hitting the shelves, and fresh for the change of season are these new cheesecake flavour biscuits. Now if you are intending to make cheesecake, buying McVities Digestives biscuits and crushing them up to use as a base is a fairly common part of the any recipe. So they have already established that their digestive biscuits are one of the two ingredients needed for cheesecake, so why not sandwich a cheesecake flavour filling in between two digestives? Sounds like genius to me!
I unwrapped the first biscuit and found two smallish round digestives cushioned together by a generous layer of creamy substance.
The filling does have an edge of cheesecake flavour about it, and a lovely smooth vanilla taste too. The creamy cheese taste works well with the wheat flavoured biscuit, and does go quite some way to recreating a cheesecake flavour.
The cheesecake part is mild, and these are about part way between cheesecake and custard cream which, as it happens, is no bad thing. I thoroughly enjoyed the biscuits and felt that they reminded me of posh custard creams. They have a nice edge of flavour, but the filling isn’t that much different so it wouldn’t put people who like the classic biscuit off.
McVities have also released a Lemon CheeseCake edition for the summer, which sounds perfect for a warm day. As I liked these so much, it’s definitely a product I’ll be looking out for.
By Cinabar

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