13 May 2013

Cadbury Pots of Joy – White Chocolate Buttons Dessert (Tesco @CadburyUK) [By @cinabar]

When I was a kid I used to love white chocolate mousse. I think my favourite must have been a Sainsburys own brand, but I know at some stage it got discontinued and I’ve been missing it ever since. When I saw these new Pots Of Joy desserts from Cadburys, I snapped up the white chocolate version. There was also a milk chocolate version and even one with Cadbury caramel, both of these are on my list try in the very near future.
Once the lid was off the pot, I realised that the dessert was smooth and thick, and not quite a mouse, but this moment of disappointment was soon over come. The texture works really well, it was slightly thicker than expected but this made if feel quite sumptuous and added to the indulgence. The flavour was just divine too. It was full of the creamiest rich white chocolate flavour I could have imagined. I guess the fact that it was made with real white chocolate buttons really does shine through. There was a good creamy vanilla background taste, but the it was the sweet taste of white chocolate that made it work so well. I found myself scraping out the pot, to get every last bit out!
I’m looking forward to trying the other varieties but I think have a preference for white chocolate desserts may have made me a little biased on this write up, and I can’t imagine them coming anywhere close. I have to say, I do hope I’m proved wrong though! :-)
By Cinabar

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Unknown said...

There is a morrisons white Choc mousse available